How much does your stairlift cost to run?

With the recent increase in energy prices up and down the country, it is understandable you may be concerned about what impact using a stairlift may have on your monthly statements. We have recently been asked by many about how much energy is used and what the running costs of using their stairlifts are.

How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

In a nutshell, it may be cheaper than you thought. One of the biggest myths surrounding stairlifts is that they are expensive to run but here we are to expose the truth. You might be shocked to hear that our stairlifts are energy-efficient and cost-effective and some daily household appliances cost more to run.

Based on energy costs in 2022, on average it will cost you pennies per week to use our stairlifts. Handicare has conducted research and it showed that running their stairlifts would cost less than boiling your kettle twice a day it is also cheaper than leaving your tv on standby with research conducted by Eco Cost Savings* showing that you could be paying as much as 14p a day or £10.52 a year to do nothing.

Cost less than boiling your kettle twice a day
leaving your tv on standby could cost more than using your stairlift

How do our Handicare Stairlifts work?

The 1100 stairlift continually recharges batteries in case of power cuts ect...

All our stairlifts use a combination of battery and mains power the batteries consist of two rechargeable 12 Volt (v) batteries that are continuously charged at any point of the track. Each stairlift comes with a remote so you can always move your stairlift up and down the track when you’re not using it to store it out of view or position it in the perfect spot for the next user who might be at the opposite end of the staircase.

How do our stairlifts use energy and what if I have a power cut?

Stairlifts are designed so they can be used at any time of the day or night meaning they are continually turned on but that doesn’t mean it is using any energy. Our Handicare stairlifts only use the energy to recharge the batteries.

As mentioned, our stairlifts come with two rechargeable 12 Volt (v) batteries that will power your stairlift on a single charge these batteries can take you up and down 10 times. Although once you have used your stairlift if you put it back on the charging point it will charge the batteries using your mains power till the batteries reach full then stop using energy.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a power cut you can still use your stairlift as the batteries will be charged it just means at that time you won’t be able to recharge them.

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*This is based on a 43-inch tv and the exchange rate of according to Google £0.85 to $1 14/07/2022

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