Save Space With a Slide Track

Once the toggle or remote control is activated, Handicare’s unique ‘Slide Track’ works in a manner that is not unlike a powered hinge, operating automatically.

Moving with you as you travel up the staircase, the slide track is of a length that is slightly shorter than that of your home’s staircase. The slide track is designed to facilitate a safe and comfortable dismount at both the top and bottom of the stairs, reaching the top of your home’s stairs on the way up before the stairlift itself, and, on the way down, travelling along with you.

With safety sensors existing at both ends of the slide track, the track will come to a halt if an obstacle is encountered along the way. If desired, the stairlift will continue to move along the track towards the obstacle in question, allowing the passenger, if safe to do so, to remove the obstructing object from your path and continue up or down the stairs. If preferred, the track and stairlift can also be moved away from the aforementioned obstruction.

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